About Us

About Us

Who are we? What is our purpose?

Total Care Education (London) Ltd. provides TOTAL CARE for our students from arrival to departure. Our sole purpose is to ensure a fulfilling, safe, and enjoyable next chapter into our students’ adventure in life, taking care of their every need. ‘Total care’ means exactly that. To ensure, above all, safety and well being of students, as well as providing maximum support to help in reaching their academic goals.

We have sole relationship with a leading agent in Hangzhou, China making us a unique and boutique guardianship company. Below are some of the services that we provide:

  • Placement in a DBS checked family

  • Personal tutors (native speakers) available on site during school hours

  • Transportation and escort services

  • 24/7 contact number

  • Social services liaison

  • Extra tuition

  • Excursions

While education is important, we make sure that each student is totally immersed in British culture by accommodating them in local host families. We want our students to blossom into well-rounded young adults that can maintain the highest standards on their pathway to university and beyond. We are their next stepping stone in life

We pride ourselves in being an organization that is not only professional in our work ethic but also promote a comfortable family environment by being available to our students, parents and host families 24/7 via a dedicated team.

Thumbnail sketch of first week:

  • Meet & Greet at the airport

  • Coach transport to school where host families await student arrival

  • Brief introduction with light refreshment

  • First week of schedule and Code of Conduct provided to both students and host families on introduction day

  • Special videos compilation of new students with host family on the second week created by professional photographic crew

  • Student induction to school protocol, cultural lesson, and Q+A conducted before start of school

  • Educational tour of London given to new students on the first week

  • Uniform purchase and fitting/Oyster card/Bank accounts/Police registration

  • Social service visit to host families established for students under the age of 16

What else do we do:

  • Educational excursion planned for every other weekend/term/year (nationally and internationally)

  • Extra tuition provided

  • IELTS lessons by trained tutors

  • Parent’s evening in loco parentis

  • Visa application support/ UCAS support/ Professional advice for university application

  • TCE Ltd. contact numbers provided to students and host families 24/7

  • Weekly pocket money distribution

  • Summer/Winter storage facilities

  • Support and accompany students with native speaker for medical appointments/ emotional support/host family visits

  • Close relationship with social services with children under the age of 16

  • Chinese New Year dinner for all students/ Cheese and wine party once a year for all host families

Our AEGIS inspection report

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